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welcome and i hope that you in joy



  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Monster for skillet
  • Reading: the Story Of Scar the Killer
  • Watching: Jeff the kill love story stay with me
  • Playing: Assassin creed 2
  • Eating: hot cheetos
  • Drinking: coca cola
eyeless jack Pov

J-JAAAACk WHERE ARE YOU. JEFF you fucker i was going to the best part too i look around the tree i saw Jeff calling for me in the dissents. Damn why is he i told slender man not to tell anyone where i was going. what dose he want he want and why are there other here too . Can never just go a walk by myself with this fucker on my tail. i got and put the letter in my hoodie pocket and walk over to them.  What is Jeff? what is and what do you want and why the other are here.

Jeff POV
what we cant come to the lack and swim jack are hiding something from us jack or did you find some cute girl that you kill or fuck with.

Jack POV

Jeff what your problem all the thing you think about is you raping some helpless girl or other way to kill her. you what your turn into prev like Ben. good luck with your swimming thing and If you need me i'm going home and leave me the fuck alone  i walked away from them with shock in they'er eyes i had it with Jeff thinking that will rape any girl i see but i'm not what really pissed me off is that stop me from reading Scarlet's letter i was getting a go idea how her life is but he stop me. once i made back to the house i got a soda and one my kidneys from my last victim  and went my room i lock the door so no one can stop me from reading i jump on my bed and i pulled the letter out of my pocket and continued to read it
ME freack people don't understand me or how i feel of losing my father not even my mom know how i feel about this whole thing about my father i have to act like everything is ok , my friends ,teachers , my mom don't understand that my heart is being tron out of my body and no one know that i'm dying from the inside is there any how understand how i'm felling.i began to cry as  those words touch my heart I got up from bed and went my computer disk and began to write to Scarlet. I know slender man wont agree to this and Jeff and Ben will make fun or try to take Scarlet away from me i wont let that happen as for sally and the other they will never understand. I was think will she come back in the morning to see if anyone got her letter i couldn't stop thinking about Scarlet was she an angel was she the one i'm looking for is she the one that understands the pain i went though and will she love me when she finds out what i am. While everyone was sleeping i got out of the house to place the letter back where i found the first one i hope she find it .

Scarlet POV

my clock was ring i slept about five hours i got off my bed and walk to the rest room to take a shower once out of the shower i brush my teeth and brush my hair.
i walk back to my room and started to get dress for school i put on a black tan top with words say kiss and kill with a white rose rose drawn on it . my black pants with holes in them and my black and red converse. to guys don't know I'm  Gothic/emo type of girl I got  my Mr.creepy pasta back pack that shows all the creepy pasta but my fav was eyeless jack to me he was cool not like Jeff the killer or Ben drowned those to just creepy me out how Jeff rapes any girl he see as cute and Ben was prev and other creepy are ok But Eyeless Jack is way cooler i got my pen and apple to eat on the way mom was still sleeping so i wrote a quick note for to read when she awakes up says that i ready left for school i walking to school to the bus stop i had 30 minuets before it get here so i head to the woods to see if anyone found my letter i made it the middle of the woods where the lack was i look for the tree where i left my letter  but  i found a new letter in it place did someone found my letter and wrote back or was one of my friends pulling my leg i didn't have time to read it the bus is almost here so a place the letter in backpack and ran back to the bus stop . i made just whan the bus was pulling up to my stop. Hey scarlet over here. Hey Amy! i save you a sat. sooo Scarlet did anyone found you letter i dont know i check after school today. to truth I didn't want Amy to know about the letter.


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Nadia Mendez
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United States
well i love seeing art made by other people it help me think about new ideas for comics

Favourite cartoon character: spiderman

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